Lightning strike 'partly to blame' for power cut

20/8/2019 - BBC News

Lightning strike and sudden loss of two large electricity generators caused recent UK power cut, interim report finds.

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National Grid chief gets £1m pay rise

19/8/2019 - The Guardian

Windfall payout for John Pettigrew revealed days after UK’s worst blackout in a decade.

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Heatwaves and heavy rain to last longer with climate change

19/8/2019 - Reuters

Countries in northern hemisphere to see longer heatwaves and more consecutive days of heavy rain as climate warms.

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Farmers in Loire valley grapple with climate change threat

20/8/2019 - Financial Times

Severe drought leads to water restrictions along France’s longest river.

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Climate change could cost US up to 10.5% of its GDP by 2100

19/8/2019 - Washington Post

Extreme weather events will be a major source of future losses.

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UK appeals to senior Australian ministers for climate action

19/8/2019 - The Guardian

British government has privately appealed to senior ministers to develop a more “ambitious” climate policy.

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British Airways and Shell aim to convert rubbish into fuel

19/8/2019 - Daily Telegraph

Firms submit plans to build Europe’s first plant that converts household waste into jet fuel.

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World’s largest electric ferry enters service in Denmark

19/8/2019 - Euractiv

All-electric ferry, purported to be world’s largest, completed its first voyage between two Danish islands last week.

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