Report: Only one country doing enough to meet 1.5C target

15/09/2021 - The Independent

Researchers warn climate progress has stalled as only one country doing enough to meet 1.5C warming target.

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UN says world likely to miss climate targets despite COVID

16/09/2021 - Reuters

Pace of climate change has not been slowed by pandemic and world remains behind in efforts to cut emissions says UN.

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US and EU plan agreement to curb methane pollution

15/09/2021 - Financial Times

US president to convene meeting of Major Economies Forum today to press other countries to sign up to commitment.

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Rich nations head to South Africa seeking coal exit deal

15/09/2021 - Bloomberg

US, UK, France and Germany to seek a deal to begin closing the country’s coal-fired plants.

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EU commits €4 billion more to climate vulnerable states

15/09/2021 - Climate Home

EU Commission president Ursula Von der Leyen calls out US for failing to deliver its fair share of climate finance.

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UK power prices soar after key cable hit by blaze

16/09/2021 - BBC News

A key electricity cable between Britain and France has been shut down, sending wholesale energy prices soaring.

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Approval of pipeline would balance gas prices, says Russia

15/09/2021 - Financial Times

Kremlin says quick approval of Nord Stream 2 pipeline would alleviate feared natural gas shortage in Europe this winter.

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Government putting net zero at risk by ignoring rural areas

16/09/2021 - The Independent

Government is putting efforts to get to net-zero at risk by ignoring counties in favour of large cities finds report.

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UK leads world in floating wind energy

16/09/2021 - BusinessGreen

Figures published by RenewableUK reveal UK's floating wind energy pipeline is now the largest in the world.

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Kwasi Kwarteng blames free market for global warming

15/09/2021 - The Times

Business secretary blames capitalist free market for global warming, highlights “market failure” over climate change.

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