U.N. warns drought may be 'the next pandemic'

17/06/2021 - Reuters

Water scarcity and drought are set to wreak damage on a scale to rival the COVID-19 pandemic

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Bank of England halves carbon emissions in 2020/21

18/06/2021 - Reuters

The Bank of England has halved greenhouse gas emissions, due to renewable electricity & reduced air travel

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Waitrose to stop selling peat despite boom during lockdown

18/06/2021 - The Daily Telegraph

Growing pressure from environmentalists is forcing the gardening product out over fears it is fuelling climate change

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Anglian Water’s green bonds tied to cleaning up emissions

18/06/2021 - The Times

Anglian Water has launched a radical fundraising programme aimed at dealing with climate change issues

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Climate Change Batters the West Before Summer Even Begins

17/06/2021 - The New York TImes

Global warming has been fuelling disasters in US West for years. Now, an early heat wave & drought are threatening lives

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Tree planting rates fail to increase despite climate pledges

17/06/2021 - The Evening Standard

Official figures show around 13,400 hectares of new woodland were created in the past year across the UK

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Vatican 'Faith and Science' talks ahead of UN climate summit

17/06/2021 - Reuters

The Vatican will host major gathering of religious leaders & scientists ahead of UN Climate Change Conference

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Earth is now trapping ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, Nasa

17/06/2021 - The Independent

The amount of energy that remains trapped in the planet accelerates global warming

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Road to Glasgow

Road to Glasgow

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